PROJECT: Kim Lefebvre

ROLE: Logo Design & Branding

Kim Lefebvre’s gemstone designs were born out of a love and passion for creating jewelry just as unique as the women who wear them. Each piece has an individual personality, style and meaning. The creation of these pieces started out small and personal. It was when she decided to leave the corporate world to care for her two young boys that allowed her to pursue jewelry making full-time; and as her family expanded, so did her business.

Inspired by the place she calls home, KL’s gemstone treasures portray Bermuda’s natural forms and myriad of colors. She's able to convey a story so effortlessly of the island’s beauty through her collection of bespoke bracelets, which can be worn as a casual accent or a personal statement.

A way to recognize her collection is through her signature bracelet; a ring of precious stones, accented by a single fresh water pearl. Classic, simple and so very elegant when worn alone, or equally captivating when layered in a collection.

I came up with a re-brand and Instagram strategy as well as a logo design and full branding package for Kim Lefebvre. We were drawn to blushes, gold and marbling accents which made her brand extra feminine and dainty.