PROJECT: Saint Heron & Puma

ROLE: Design

Following the success of Solange's previous two collections with Puma, the Saint Heron boss unleashed her third collection of footwear. Word To The Woman celebrates females who innovate and redefine roles in all walks of life. Fourteen women of different backgrounds were chosen to represent the variety between the gender roles. I designed the branding and graphic content to go along with sneaker collection.

Word To The Woman


PROJECT: Personal

ROLE: Design

This Botanical Pattern exploration deconstructs flowers and puts them back together in an entirely new and dramatic way. The flowers were photographed using a scanography process.

2015 Gold Award Winner, Applied Arts Magazine.

PROJECT: Kim Lefebvre

ROLE: Logo Design & Branding

Kim Lefebvre’s gemstone designs were born out of a love and passion for creating jewelry just as unique as the women who wear them. Each piece has an individual personality, style and meaning. The creation of these pieces started out small and personal.

Inspired by the place she calls home, KL’s gemstone treasures portray Bermuda’s natural forms and myriad of colors. She's able to convey a story so effortlessly of the island’s beauty through her collection of bespoke bracelets, which can be worn as a casual accent or a personal statement.

I came up with a re-brand and Instagram strategy as well as a logo design and full branding package for Kim Lefebvre. We were drawn to blushes, gold and marbling accents which made her brand extra feminine and dainty.


PROJECT: The 7th Annual Groundswell Lionfish Tournament Design

ROLE: Design

The 2017 Groundswell Lionfish Tournament was held on Saturday, July 22 at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences [BIOS] Ferry Reach.

The event included a lionfish handling demo, lionfish tasting, with buzz serving an assortment of lionfish prepared fresh in front of the crowd, Goslings bar, live music, DJ, kids’ arts and crafts, bouncy castle, information kiosks, and more, with all proceeds going toward lionfish research and culling efforts.

Merchandise was made available for purchase and included t-shirts, tanks, kids t-shirts, tote bags and hats, with all proceeds go towards lionfish Research and Culling Efforts. Every year a local artist/designer is asked to create the event's accompanying poster and apparel designs. 

I am grateful to have been apart of such an amazing event, all for a good cause and have appreciated all the support. A huge thanks to Dasfete for putting on the event and choosing me and this year's local designer.

PROJECT: Saint Heron & Urban Decay

ROLE: Design

I created a promotional deck for Saint Heron and their collaboration with Urban Decay entitled Trouble, Trouble. Trouble, Trouble celebrates women who are deemed the phrase "Troublemaker" because they challenge and provoke the conventions of society using their voices through all mediums of art and experience. The deck showcases proposals for creative direction, social media takeovers, influencers and interview strategies. 


PROJECT: Saint Heron Tote Bags

ROLE: Design

Using clean lines, abstract shapes and textures, I came up with a variety of designs to be printed on tote bags sold on Saint Heron's online webstore

PROJECT: Ase Naturals

ROLE: Logo Design & Branding

Ase Naturals is a Bermudian owned herbal retail business specializing in herbal products such as loose leaf herbal tea blends, herbal bath teas and soaks as well as herb-infused body oils. Each product is handmade, vegan and organic.

The purpose of the brand is to create products that better the mind, body and spirit. Soft color palettes, natural and organic graphic elements and a strong logo really brought the brand message to life.

Ase Naturals

PROJECT: Cinta Soul

ROLE: Logo Design & Branding

Rebranding and logo design for New York based water brand, Cinta Soul. Cinta Soul's three flavours, Cucumber, Lemon & Mint, Raspberry & Rosemary and Blueberry & Lavender are all infused with moringa oleifera leaves and alkaline water. Cinta Soul's products use organic fruits which are freshly picked and infused in purified water to give an unbelievably refreshing taste. The idea was to give Cinta a bright and fresh new look, staying true to their organic philosophy.

PROJECT: Saint Heron Shop & Folie Apothecary

ROLE: Packaging Design

Packaging design for Nikisha Brunson's hand-crafted and all natural skin care line Folie, and her collaboration with Saint Heron's Apothecary shop. Irregular shapes and natural textures inspired this textile. 


ROLE: Logo Design & Branding

Hamec Bermuda is an up and coming resort wear clothing brand based in Bermuda. Their clothing and fabric prints are inspired by island life and the tropics. I helped to bring their branding ideas to life by creating a logotype and wordmark for their line.


PROJECT: Personal

ROLE: Art Direction, Design & Photography

Bloom is a book created and designed for my graduating thesis project. It is an exploration of flowers and the beautiful connections they have to life on earth. Through a wide range of art styles and mediums, Bloom puts flowers into a new light, igniting an appreciation for the joy and happiness they often bring. 


PROJECT: Personal

ROLE: Collage & Photography

Floral Femininity is a mixed-media collage series using floral motifs from various books and magazines, combined with still life black and white photographs of a model. This series was a part of my flower exploration which touches on notions of femininity being represented through the flower image.

PROJECT: Personal

ROLE: Design

A CD package that interprets and expresses the musical language in visual terms. The album was entitled Alina and the composer, Arvo Part. In order to capture and visually express the dynamics of music in all its characteristics, it is necessary to pay close attention to movement, rhythm, tempo, mood, intensity, compositional structure. In my eyes, these qualities were best interpreted through playful and bright ink and paint texture 

PROJECT: Thirdstory

ROLE: Handwritten Typography

NYC band Thirdstory opened for Tori Kelly on the Unbreakable Tour and released their debut EP, Searching shortly after. This was followed by a single "G Train" featuring Pusha T. In 2017 they started performing with Chance the rapper on the Be Encouraged Tour of members of his band. Featured here is illustrated typography for Thirdstory's "Hotline Bling" and "Hello" covers.


PROJECT: Costa Mesa Ceramics

ROLE: Design

Costa Mesa Ceramics is a ceramics studio based in California. The tote bag, brochure and business cards were created to accompany their studio launch. All assets were designed using a handmade collage. 

Find out more about them here.


PROJECT: Personal

ROLE: Collage

Collage of Monstera plants using magazine cut outs.

PROJECT: Pum Pum Socks

ROLE: Art Direction & Photography

Pum Pum Socks is a tongue in cheek, female empowerment brand who loves diversity and believes each of their socks represents a different style tribe. Pum Pum Socks have been seen on Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Rita Ora, Jungle Pussy as well as bloggers such as The Beckerman Twins and Susie Bubble. They have been written about and featured on the pages of ID, Nylon, Vogue (UK and Japan), Suitcase, Saint Heron, Rollacoaster, Galore, The Fader, Large up, Grazia and Refinery 29.


Their stockists include Browns Focus, Opening Ceremony, Vfiles, Urban Outfitters, Gnossem and Urban Cottage Bermuda. For the launch of Pum Pum Socks in Bermuda I collaborated with a team of creatives to capture the socks and Bermuda's beauty. 

Art Direction, Stylist & Project Manager: Gemma Shane

Videography: Lara Smith

Clothing: Orange Bay Company

Make-Up: James R. Lee

Nails: Kot Nail Studio

Stockist: Urban Cottage


PROJECT: Personal

ROLE: Illustration

Illustrated typography using ink.

PROJECT: Saint Heron Prospect 4

ROLE: Design

I created a promotional deck for Saint Heron and their collaboration with Prospect 4, New Orleans. The deck was created to promote an interactive art experience at The Saint Heron House that engages artists of all mediums. 


PROJECT: Gibbons Email Campaigns

ROLE: Design & Photography

Email campaign designs created for Bermuda department store, Gibbons Company. (67).gif (66).gif (64).gif