PROJECT: The Ledgelets Cottage Colony

ROLE: Logo Design & Branding

The Ledgelets Cottage Colony is a tourist accommodation located at the entry way to Somerset Island, Bermuda. Celebrating the surrounding tropical landscape and vibrant community, the brand identity brings out the best details found on and around the island. Island imagery and their signature black and white umbrella are visuals evocative of The Ledgelets Cottage Colony environment and lifestyle. The brand elements and symbols give each visitor a refined taste of life in Bermuda.

The Ledgelets wordmark, though recently revamped, has maintained its history; having been used as the official logo for The Ledgelets when the cottage colony first opened in 1948. The alternative to the Ledgelets wordmark is the umbrella logotype, which references the cottage colony's signature black and white poolside umbrella. The brand is further brought to life through a suite of custom merchandise chosen to reflect The Ledgelet's appreciation and love for sophistication, design and hospitality.  

Color plays an important role in The Ledgelets identity system. A primary color palette has been developed consisting of coral pink and chartreuse green to reflect Bermuda's popular pink houses, pink sands and lush greenery. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to the cohesive and harmonious look of The Ledgelets brand across all relevant media.

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